Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Safe journeys - Fireman Matt visits

This week we had a visit from Matt Evans, a fireman. He talked to us about fire safety.  

We learnt what to when there is a fire. 

We need to get down, get low and get out fast! We get down because 'Fresh air is down there.' 

We shout "Fire, fire, fire!"

When we get out we need to meet at our safe meeting place, our letter box. 

We also learnt that we need smoke alarms in;

  • every bedroom
  • the hallway
  • the lounge.  
We checked our own house to see where our smoke alarms were. We think 'smoke alarms save lives.'


  1. Room 9 And 9A Your blog is awesome! Room 20 really enjoyed seeing how you have recorded the Police and Fire Service visits. Thanks for sharing!
    Mrs Trembath and R20

    1. Thanks for visiting our blog Room 20 and Mrs Trembath. We look forward to visiting your blog and having a look at what you did for our Safe Journeys inquiry too!
      Mrs Calvert and Room 9.

  2. To Mrs Calvert
    We love the smoke alarms and the other things on the blog! The blog is awesome with all the things on it.

    Love from Elizabeth and Catherine.

    1. You two are awesome! Thanks for visiting the blog and leaving a comment. It is so good that you can share your learning with your family at home! See you soon. Mrs Calvert