Sunday, 15 November 2015


Term 4 RecyclingWe have been learning about recycling.We know how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

We reused the paper rubbish in our classroom to make paper mache plates.

We had lots of fun reusing boxes and rubbish to make recycled robots. We worked together in teams to create them.                       

Have a look. They are awesome.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Holiday challenge

Hi room 9, 

I hope your holiday is going well. What beautiful weather we have been having!

If you want to write a story about something exciting you have done in the holidays we would love to share it when we come back. 

I have a challenge for you in the holiday...... could you please start collecting milk bottle tops, juice bottle tops etc for us to use next term. It would be wonderful if you could ask some friends and family to collect them too. I've started collecting and have 3 so far. 

We are learning about recycling in term 2 and hope to make a mural out of our lids.  Let's see how we go. Good luck with the challenge!

Love Mrs Calvert

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Maths in Reading time.

This week our big book was about a scarecrow called Joe. He had a garden with 12 carrots in it but every night some would disappear. He ended up with only 3 left in his garden. Here are our pictures and equations about the story. We love to collaborate when we are learning.

Do you remember who was taking the carrots?

Playdoh Delights in Discovery Time

In discovery time we love to play with the playdoh and create marvelous things.  Mrs Calvert was lucky to be served many delights hand crafted by room 9 chefs. Yummy! Lucky Mrs Calvert!

Spring Walk

Room 9 went on a spring walk around the school this week. We were using our senses to explore the lovely gardens. We looked at the plants, smelled some and touched some plants in the gardens. We listened to the bees buzzing in the lavender.

We took a piece of lavender into the class and looked carefully at it before we drew it then coloured it.  

What a great way to learn outside the classroom!

Micha's Road

Micha was very proud of the road he constructed this week during discovery time. Micha loves to build structures and balances the pieces together very carefully.  

When he had finished it, he asked me to come and see his road then to take a photo for mum! Here you are Micha and Rivka, some wonderful self directed learning. 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Maths Learning in Room 9

At maths time, Room 9 do a word problem of the day. We draw a picture to help us work it out then we write an equation and solve the problem.  

Sometimes we work on the problem with a partner. Here are some of the workings we did this week. It is great to see so many learners collaborating and solving the problems together.