Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A Fire Engine at Sunnyhills School!

It was a beautiful, sunny Wednesday morning when the Howick Fire Brigade came to visit us at Sunnyhills School. We were really lucky to climb inside the fire engine and have a look around. 

Fireman Paddy and Fireman Chris showed us the special clothes they wear when they put out fires. They put on their boots and pants, then their jacket.  They wear a special mask under their helmets to protect their face, ears and neck.  Their helmet and breathing mask is really important too.  Firemen even wear gloves so none of their skin is showing.

Thank you Howick Fire Brigade! We really enjoyed your visit and learnt more about fire safety! You are AWESOME!


  1. To Mrs Calvert
    You went to see a fire truck...Cool. Catherine told me all about it.

    Love from Elizabeth

  2. To Mrs CALVERT
    I love the background on the blog !


  3. Hi Catherine, how do you like our new one? It is for our patch to plate inquiry. I wonder what will be next? From Mrs Calvert