Monday, 29 June 2015

Making Vegetable Soup

This term we have been learning about ''Growing Things'' and 'Winter' so Room 9a combined them and decided to make yummy vegetable soup.
Each child brought a vegetable to school to put in our soup.
We talked about the vegetables first then we washed our hands.
We washed, peeled and chopped our vegetables and put them into Mrs Newman's crock pot.

Then we put the crock pot in the staff room and turned it on. Our soup cooked all day.
The next day Mrs Newman turned the soup back on to heat it up again.
We read the story 'Stone Soup' and ate our vegetable soup for lunch. 
It was delicious and full of yummy vegetables.


  1. Wow Room 9a! Looks like your soup was so yummy. Max I know you really enjoyed telling us all about your "soup day" at school. What great work - well done!

  2. Yummy vegetable soup